Hospitals in Coimbatore

coimbatore hospital

The Health Care Industry in Coimbatore has witnessed a tremendous growth in the last decade. With the increasing demand for best treatment and best facilities, the Coimbatore hospitals have established themselves. Surprisingly, Coimbatore has the sophisticated large hospitals offering the world class quality treatments equivalent to the best hospitals around the world.

The number of Coimbatore hospitals delivering health care to the masses is increasing everyday. Coimbatore’s charity trusts have ensured that the district has a unique place in health care industry. They have championed the cause of health and medical care in Coimbatore.

Coimbatore is also well-known for its exclusive super-speciality hospitals. The Lakshmi group started the Kuppusamy Naidu Hospital. It is one of the five centres in the country for the detection of cancer and education on cancer. The PSG Hospitals with highly scientific clinical services; The KG Hospital with the state-of-the-art facilities; The Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital (KMCH) with specialised procedures such as stenting, fallopian tube recanalisation, chemoembolisation and laparoscopic and thoracoscopic; Ganga Hospital for trauma, orthopaedic and micro-vascular surgery; Gem Hospital for laparoscopy; Rao Hospital for assisted reproduction and endoscopy; The Eye Foundation and Sankara Eye Clinic for ophthalmology – which offer world-class treatment at affordable rates; Vikram Hospital for ENT and so on.

Other than this, Ayurvedic hospitals, Homeopathy Clinics, Siddha Hospitals, and Acupuncture treatments are also emerging with innovative ideas to treat the people with their ancestral knowledge.