Tourist Spots in Coimbatore

As a travelling tourist, Coimbatore has got lot of places to visit. Your travel plan can be as short as 1 day or upto 1 month. Coimbatore has a wonderful climate almost throughout the year, hotels are comfortable to stay and to have a good food. You can really have a lots of fun with family.

Maruthamalai Andavar Temple, Gass Forest Museum, G.D. Naidu Museum, Pateeswarar Temple at Perur, Echanari, Codissia Trade Fair Complex, Black Thunder, Kovai Kondattam, Mudhumalai Wildlife Santuary in Nilgiris, Topslip, Ooty, Conoor, Kothagiri, Dottabetta, Kodaikannal, Palani, Amaravathi Dam, Bhavanisagar Dam, Bannari Amman Temple, Singanallur Lake, Perks Pyramid, Dhyanalinga, Valparai, Monkey Falls, are some of the places you can plan to visit.


Perur Lord Shiva Temple

Perur Patteswar Temple

Perur Patteswar temple is one of seven Kongu Sivalyam, a temple of great sancity with architectural and sculptural blend of South India. The Patteswar temple is situated in the bank of holy river Noyyal. It is 7 Kms. from the west of Coimbatore. Patteswaran temple was built by Karikal Cholan, 1500 Years ago. The Cholas, The Hoyasalas and Vijayanagar emperors also made enornous contributions to the temple.

The main deity of this temple is Lord Shiva (Patteswarar) and his consort Pachainayagi. Other temples in this compound are Pattivinayaga temple, Arasambalavanar temple and Kailasam temple. To the south of this temple there is a Palm groove with two sacred trees Irava Panai (Deathless Palm) & Tamarind called Pirava Puli (The Unborn Tamarind).

The greatest attraction in this temple is the Golden Hall (Kanaka Sabai) Which has a gold plated statue of Nataraja blessing the two sages Gowmuni and Pattimuni.


Marudamalai Temple

The temple of Lord Dhandayuthapani is located upon the hill – Marudhamalai. It is located 12 kms from Coimbatore. Maruthamalai has got its name from marutha trees which are found in large number. For conveyance up to the hill, vehicles owned by Devasthanam are available from the foothill. A convenient passage for the devotees to walk is also available to reach the temple. Frequent buses are available from the city. Bharathiar University is situated enroute to Maruthamalai

Eachanari Vinayagar Temple

Eachanari Vinayagar Temple

Eachanari Vinayagar Temple is located at 10 kms from Coimbatore on the way to Pollachi. The deity’s height is 6 feet and 3 feet and is one of the biggest in south India. This is one of the oldest temple in Coimbatore and dates back to 1500 A.D. The moolavar was actualy meant for Perur Patteswarar temple and since it got struck on its way from Madurai, Eachanari became a blessed place.

Koniamman Temple

Koniamman Temple

Coimbatore gets its name because of the ancient Koniamman temple located in the heart of the city near the Town Hall. The temple was built around 600 years ago by a leader of the Irula tribe called Covan. The village around the temple was named as ‘Covanputhur’ which later on became Coimbatore. Later, when there was a fear of an invasion by the Chera rulers, the ‘Illangosar’ tribe which was ruling at that time, built a new fort and the presiding deity of the fort temple was Koniamman. The temple was renovated again by the king of Mysore and Devi Koniamman was reinstalled here in the form of ‘Mahisasuramardhini’ (slayer of the demon Mahisha who represents egoism). Offer worship at this 600 yr old shrine of Goddess Koniamman and receive her divine grace in abundance.

Bannari Amman Temple

Bannari Amman Temple

Bannari amman temple (Tamil: பண்ணாரி அம்மன் கோயில்) is one of the most famous Amman temples in Tamil nadu and it is in Bannari on NH 209, 14kms from Sathyamangalam, Erode district. Around 300 years ago, the dana Nayakkan or Dhandanyakkan forest is now well known as “BANNARI”. This name Bannari for this great historical place origined because of the great temple “Bannari Amman Temple”.
Bannari located on the North West boundary of Kongu Nadu. Of late, it has become pilgrim’s paradise because devotees from far and near visit this spot. It is held in high esteem as the celebrated abode of Goddess Mariamman. ‘Kundam’ Festival is celebrated in the Tamil Month of Panguni (March – April). This is the most famous annual festival, thousands of devotees from different directions throng the temple in this month which is marked by festivity and gaiety.


Palani Temple

Palani has been mentioned in Tamil Sangam literature as “Podhini”, which came to be called as Palani later. It is an ancient temple and one among the six Padaiveedu (abode) of Lord Muruga. Many “Siddhas” are said to have lived in this region. The idol of Palani Andavar is said to have been made of “Navapashanam” ie a combination of 9 poisonous herbals mixed in a proportion to give a high medicinal power to cure the diseases of immunity and it was designed and made up by a siddar named Bohar. It belongs to 9th century and the king namely Cheraman Peruman constructed this temple. Thai Poosam and Panguni Uthiram are very famous festivals in which millons of devotees visit.


It is a multi-religious temple located 30 kms from the city. The temple is located in the foothills of Vellingiri hills, known for enlightened saints and siddhas. Dhyanalinga was consecrated by Sadguru jaggi Vasudev, founder of Isha Foundation who a realised Master. Mystic and Yogi,. This temple is maintained by Isha foundation. Dhyanalinga is the highest manifestion of the divine. The Dhyanalinga is 13′ 9″ high and is the largest ever seen. It is housed in a free spanning dome measuring 77′ in diameter and is an architectural excellence of its kind. The construction materials does not involve any metal but only mud, brick, alum, lime and herb additives. Anyone who comes into the sphere of Dhyanalinga cannot escape the sowing of the spiritual seed of liberation.
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Daily events at the Dhyanalinga

Nadha Aaradhana is an offering of sound that takes place twice a day from 11:50 PM to 12:10 PM and 5:50 PM to 6:10 PM. This etheric blend of vocals and flowing instruments make one more receptive to the energy of the Dhyanalinga.

Omkara Diksha is an opportunity for any visitor to further their experience by attending this daily initiation to the timeless and powerful mantra AUM. The process is offered to the public daily from 12:30 PM to 1:15 PM
Amavasya and Pournami are days of special significance, during which the energy is distinctively conductive respectively for men and women. The visitor on these days can personally make water or milk offering to the Dhyanalinga.

Annual Festivals

Major festivals of all religions are celebrated at the Dhyanalinga Multi-Religious Temple including the nightlong sathsang with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on the Mahashivarathri day. Lakhs of people from all walks of life attend this yearly celebration.

Few buses are available to Vellingiri. Only snacks are available near the temple.

Contact: Isha Foundation

Ashtamsa Sri Varada Anjaneya Temple

Ashtamsa Sri Varada Anjaneya Temple

Two decades ago, Rajamani Bhattar, a temple priest of Tirunelveli, brought up in Vaikanasa Agama tradition and an upasaka of the Anjaneya, was blessed by Guruji Haridos Giri Swami and he was presented with the idols of Sri Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Anjaneya and a Shadchakra Saligrama at Thennangur. The Swami had made an apocalyptic statement that the votary would build a shrine for Anjaneya. In the year 2004, a divine call directed him to devote his entire time and resources to construct a shrine for Anjaneya at the spot indicated in his dream, at Peelamedu in Coimbatore. Located on a spacious plot of ground tucked a few meters away from and on the Coimbatore-Avinashi road, opposite ESSO bus stop (near Suguna Kalyanamandapam) the Ashtamsa Sri Varada Anjaneya is endued with eight special features. Hence its uniqueness in standing apart from other temples dedicated to the Anjaniputhra. Normally Hanuman is portrayed with His folded hands praying to Sri Ramachandra. But, the gomukhi-structured idol of the deity here, in Peelamedu facing west and measuring eight feet is of a different kind. And many more unique featrues of the lord Hanuman can be found in this temple.

The installation ceremony and Kumbhabishekam of the temple was performed on February 9, 2004. The temple has been attracting huge crowds all these days. During the Vishu – New Year’s day, an offering of 10,008 fruits is made to the deity. Raja Maruthi Alankaram, Vennai Alankaram and Vadamalai offerings are the regular Sevas here on Saturdays. In the Tamil month of Purattasi, on the five Saturdays – 10,008 Vadai Malai, Swaya Roopam, Chenduram, Swarnamayam and Muthangi Sevai – in that order are the other offerings given to the Lord here.

G.D Naidu Industrial Exhibition

GD Naidu Museum

The legend and technocrat, G.D. Naidu has done many inventions in the field of automobile, electronics, mechanical and agriculture. In his name an exhibition is established displaying his contributions. G.D Naidu Industrial Exhibition is located in Avinashi road is a worth visiting place.

Government Museum

Govt Museum

Its right opposite to the VOC Zoo & Park, and in the Nehru stadium complex, the Government Museum is located among the shops. Its quite small but amazing. place your foot prints in this house of history which marks your presence.

Forest College Museum

One of the oldest institutions of the kind in the country. Spread over 66 hectares area in the heart of Coimbatore town, it’s main building, with a plinth area of 3705 sq. m. house up-to-date facilities of research, a well equipped library and the famous Fischer Herbarium.

The other unique features developed over the years by the institute include, `Grass Forest Museum of Natural History’ and a Botanical Garden cum Arboretum of 4 hectares housing nearly 300 species of rare and endangered plants. Apart from plants, the museum also has an interesting collection of different minerals, rocks, pests, snakes, insects and fungal diseases that afflict plants and trees. It also has a rare collection of dead specimen of plants and animals of different variety. The museum has one special advisory counter offering service to promote businesses related to plant husbandry. The Institute is responsible for attending to the overall forestry research needs of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Lakshdweep and Pondichery.

Kasthuri Srinivasan Art Gallery and Textile Museum

Kasthuri Srinivasan Art Gallery and Textile Museum is a cultural center run by Kasthuri Srinivasan Trust, Coimbatore. The Art Gallery and Museum is located in Avinashi road is near to Coimbatore airport. The Art Gallery comprises of many traditional and modern original paintings, sculptures and objects of art. The Art gallery also has good reproductions of European, Asian and other overseas art. The Art Gallery also exhibits current artists creativity regularly.

The Textile Museum has a large historical collections of textile technology. Textile technology developments are well illustrated through drawings, charts and working models. Interesting are models of handlooms, different yarns and fabrics. The museum also houses historical costumes of India very well illustrated through drawings.

Perks Pyramid

Perks Pyramid

The Great Pyramid’s (tomb) which leaves mystery to mankind and unrevealed questions even after the scientific achievements. A spectacular model of the great pyramid has been raised in our coimbatore city by Mr.Rama Ranganathan in the year 1992 for the privilege of people. People from various places and of different ethnic visit daily to relax their mind and do meditations here. Even many scholars had visited and felt the remarkable mystery of the pyramid. Its located in Perks school.

Outside Coimbatore

Kovai Kutralam

Kovai Kutralam

37 Kms away from Coimbatore is the Kovai Kutralam is a beautiful picnic spot. It is a waterfalls of Siruvani River which is said to be the tastiest water of India. Siruvani is the water source of Coimbatore City. The falls is located amidst of thick forest which will give you a magnificent panoramic view. It is an excellent picnic spot near Coimbatore.
Boarding and lodging facilities are not available. Few buses are available for conveyance.

Top Slip

It is 90 kms from Coimbatore near Pollachi. Top slip is a National Park and medicinal plant conservation area in Anamalai hills part of Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary. There is a famous elephant camp at kollikamuthu. Cherping birds, jumping Monkeys and the elephant herds are more enjoyable here. Vehicles are available to visit the Forest area. This place is rich in flora and fauna.
Bunglows and Tree homes are available for lodging.



Valparai is 95 kms from Coimbatore is known for its tea estates. On the way you will pass thru Indra Gandhi Wild Life Sanctuary, famous for Elephants, Boars, Lion tailed Monkey, gaur, spotted deer, sambar, and mountain squirrels. It is famous for the two peaks known as sisters. On the way to Valparai is the Monkey falls and Aliyar Dam. At Valparai, Balaji temple situated at Peria Karamalai Tea Industries is the center of attaction. From Valparai you can also visit Sholaiyar and Nirar dams. Valparai receives highest rainfall during the monsoon in Coimbatore District. It is advised not to travel during rains.



Ooty, also called as Udagamandalam – The Queen of Hill stations. It is situated in the Western Ghats at Nilgiris.
Interesting places are Botanical Garden, Dottabetta, ooty Lake, Raj Bhavan and Tamizhagam Palace. Suitable season to visit this place is from March to June (Summer). Boarding and lodging facilities are available here.
For conveyance, Buses and a train from Mettupalayam ply to Ooty daily. The journey through Nilgiri mountain train is an incomparable experience.

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

The Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, the largest and well preserved sanctuary in Tamil Nadu, lies in the Western Ghats south of the Palghat Gap, better known as Anaimalais (Mountain of Elephants). With an area of 958 sq.KM, it is rich in flora and fauna.This protected area constitutes the most important watershed for the agricultural economy and power supply. Major reservoirs like Parambikulam, Aliyar, Thirumurthi, Upper Aliyar, Kadambarai, Sholayar and Amaravathi are fed by the perennial rivers which originate from the Sanctuary.

Theme Parks (Amusement Parks)

Black Thunder

Black Thunder

Asia’s No: 1 Water Theme Park is nested in natural beauty with the green hills of the Nilgiris for a backdrop and the cooling shelter of trees. An idyllic hideaway? wait! Look around again… and you see poeple everywhere screaming and shouting with excitement . Black Thunder will be the right place to keep yourself away from the rest of the world. Black Thunder is 45 kms from Coimbatore on the way to Ooty. Conveyance is possible through road and rail.

Kovai Kondattam

Kovai Kondattam

Kovai Kondattam is a complete entertainment park with different rides for the children’s excitement. Kovai Kondattam is located in Perur and its an eco- friendly amusement park. It is a total amusement park and is an ideal fun pack for the whole family to enjoy.

The amusement park offers facilities for celebrations, parties, etc. on previous booking.
Kovai Kondattam is located at Perur in Siruvani Main Road, the park jewelled amidst the sylvan surroundings would be an ideal fun packed leisure option for the entire family. Spread over a generous area this theme park offers many themed attractions like Aqua dance, wave pool, dashing cars, rock climbing, Hara-kiri and video parlour to name a few, a certain entertainment zone to children of all ages.

The ammusement park offers a unique way to celebrate all occasions, be it a birthday, anniversary or even tying the wedding knot – exciting arrangements can be tailor made to suit individual tastes. An amphi theatre specially designed to house live performance of both local and international standards is available for family and party events. Private bookings are undertaken for family functions and corporate events.

Rain or shine Kovai Kondattam offers perfect place to host full range of corporate events that includes Product Launch, Trade Shows, Corporate Parties, Family Celebrations Anniversaries. Contests, festive events and many more.

The park also has Mini Tele combart, Caterpillar, Family Train and many other thrills. There is buffet of activities for everyone those who are part and parcel of “Kovai Kondattam” This Complete family entertainment park with its 20 world-class rides will certainly be an added attraction to visit the cotton city. This eco-friendly amusement park with its swimming pool, lawn amphi theatre, water fountain and breath taking world class rides will definitely make your visit to the park a memorable event.

VOC Park & Zoo

VOC Park & Zoo

VOC Park is dedicated to V.O. Chidambaram Pillai, one of the Indian stalwarts in the fight for freedom. The VOC Park is an interesting place to visit in Coimbatore, especially if you are accompanied by kids. The children’s play area hosts swings, sliders, seesaw, a toy train for joyrides, etc. Other major attractions of the park include a mini zoo with a large number of reptiles, birds and mammals; an aquarium having a good collection of different species of fish and a garden with models of prehistoric dinosaurs. The park is open from 4 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. on all weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 7.30 p.m on weekends and holidays.